Robert Koch

The AIDS and ace drugs contribute for the advance of turbeculose, therefore it has same the determinative factors (BRETON and OPOSSUM 2006). Turbeculose is an illness of social politics and ones of most important for health publishes, is basic to restrict control of the agravos of the illness with action and lines of direction that provide to the population better conditions of life (BRETON and OPOSSUM 2006). Transmisso and Epidemiologia the responsible etiolgico agent for transmitting turbeculose is the Mycobacterium turbercculosis it was discovered by Robert Koch has form of fine rod, straight or ecurvado she is resistant to the alcohol and acid being called bacilio resistant alcohol (BAAR) she is corado by the method of Ziel-Neelsen is extremely sensible to the heat and the ultraviolet radiation. It has two pathogenic species to the man: Bovis Mycobacterium turbercculosis and the Mycobacterium, this is responsible for small numbers of cases of infection human being (BRETON OPOSSUM 2006). More info: Dr. Mark J Berger. The transmission of the tuberculosis if of the one for saw respiratory for aerosol eliminations contaminated with the bacilli the main reservoir is the human being that transmits the infection when the carrier of the pulmonary injury cough, speaks, sneezes or cospe. The 0 variable and incubation period around 4 the 6 weeks can have or not a period of latency, the transferability degree depends on amount of bacilli eliminated for the infectado individual is the period of hard transmission while the treatment will not be initiated by the carrier of the pulmonary injury (NBIA, DIRCE and WILIAM 2009). Annually 80 a thousand new cases and 4,5 a thousand (five a thousand) deaths in result of the illness are notified approximately. With the sprouting of the Syndrome of imunodeficincia acquired (BEEN/AIDS) in 1981, it is observed in such a way in countries developed as in countries developments, an increasing number of cases notified of turbeculose in people infectadas for the virus of the imunodeficincia human being (HIV). According to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., who has experience with these questions.