Ramon Gallegos Nava

And discusses how in as natural way was already talking in different forums about the understanding of education and in the world to perform its first global forum. And he relates that these works had a sense more than anything spiritual oriented to improve our lives and strengthen a culture of compassion and reconciliacion with the aim of overcoming human suffering. Also in this book, Ramon Gallegos relates about his wife and children, and is good to follow this example of respect, love and appreciation towards the family, since talking about learning communities, one of the communities that we must form of first instance, is precisely the family. And they must be source of inspiration as he says, that his wife has motivated him to write about education holistic and spirituality. To broaden your perception, visit Gina Ross. And the story that makes when it encuentracara to face with the divine basis, not through books or theological speculation but directly, without intermediaries of any kind.

The divine being is revealed in all its glory as the essence of all things. He only exists, wherever my eyes stuck, There he was in his eternal perfection. And me, a human being like any other, I received the visit of the divine, I had this experience of bienaventuranza. Our true nature is divine, there is no duality between our true self and God, we are, in essence, identical. If we are children of God, it is because we are of the same nature. Therefore, the spiritual path is only a recognition of our verdadera nature, an awakening to the eternal fact that we have a sacred nature. We are spiritual beings living a painful experience to recognize what we already are. Ramon Gallegos Nava spring of 2004 speaking of holistic education, is to break paradigms, and which we are living, must be that of a new education which is the holistic.