Ramon Gallegos

The human person is a fiction in terms of the ultimate reality, personally refers to the ego, thinking and memory as appearance in the dream of duality. The personal is in time and is not our true identity. Go beyond ego, it means to go beyond the personal that is the transpersonal which deals a more profound and genuine reality that surpasses the idea of individualism and that we are an isolated ego, exceeds dualism. The transpersonal is the level of the holistic, as comprehensive, universal. To transcend the ego is the practice of mindfulness, it is to practice meditation, which is a procedure very specific where its central aspect is the cultivation of mindfulness which considers reality as it is; the ego is just a misconception or fiction, is a thought has no existence thinking is not the best instrument to deal with human problems, is the intelligence that will give wisdom, discernment, and depth. Happiness genuine is further than the ego. The nectar of happiness. Intelligence spiritual III this book by Dr.

Ramon Gallegos is a complement of the two previous books, explores new aspects and will deepen more in the spiritual development or rather with our spiritual awakening, does not realize We are enlightened beings and that we must move away from suffering. It starts with the theme of spiritual intelligence, which today is still of great importance since it is the guide or key in the pedagogy of love and emphasizes the importance of spiritual intelligence for the awakening and enlightenment. Spiritual intelligence is also achieving spiritual understanding, knowledge of our true nature, and that means find the nectar of happiness, and that in addition the spiritual awakening, which begins with the self. Our true nature is spiritual, happiness. Go to the direct knowledge of wisdom, mark the new paradigm about how patience, attention and humility are important and Basic.