Psychological The Gypsy Tarot And Its Meaning

The personages who inspire the arcane ones of the gypsy tarot are extracted of a fable or an old story. They have a psychological plinth, that reflects the last reason for its existence, that is to say, somehow they show ingrained fantasies good in the unconscious one of the human species. Dr. Mark Hyman may also support this cause. In fact, many psychologists have taken these figures to see how the archetypes that compose psique human find represented in the gypsy tarot. Carl Jung was perhaps who better has known to use letters of the gypsy tarot for his application to practical psychology, not how divinatory method but like means so that the patient projects his internal fantasies, as much as he forms diagnostic like therapeutic. Jung nation in 1875 in Switzerland, and was disciple of Freud, from that took the basic slight knowledge of constitution of the psychic apparatus. Later, the genius came from its personal developments, where it tried to tie psique human with same history of the humanity, that is to say, like product of the development of the human race.

Thus, one of the tools that it used was the arcane ones of the gypsy tarot. In summary, the arcane ones of the gypsy tarot represent people or situations inlaid in the unconscious one of the person. A practical case is when the letters of the gypsy tarot to the patient appear to him, and it is requested to him that it is identified with one of them. Thus, they are possible to be interpolated an endless number of very useful interpretations at the time of seeing how that person perceives itself to itself. He is not the same, clearly when a patient is itself reflected in the Hermit, that in the Transformation. In the first case, this arcane one of the gypsy tarot represents a single person, connectionless with the others, that retire voluntarily of the world, or because it feels misunderstood, or because the contact with its resemblances generates fear or distrust to him. In the case of the Transformation, this letter of the gypsy tarot represents a Gentleman who advances triumphant on a town which he has put under.

It is the one that commands, who has the power and she is made feel to the others. Other authors, like Timothy Leary, consider that the arcane ones of gypsy tarot represents the progression of the individual, from the most tender childhood to the maturity. This is clear to see, when we thought about the Crazy person, first the arcane one, the one who does not have number, without a doubt represents the boy who all we took inside. Whereas the World, the last one of the arcane majors of the gypsy tarot reflects a mature person, who has been successful in the conquest of the outer world, of the material plane, through the own conquest of her internal demons in first term. To conquer itself to one same one is the first step to conquer to the world, in the maturity of the life.