Police Cases

The objective of this visit was to know the institution, to know as it functions and which are the etria band of age of the public that goes there to give its complaint. Also to know the types of more common complaints in the police station. Soon when we arrive in the police station we were we talk with the investigator that in supplied explanations to them as the policy acts ahead of one occurrence or anonymous denunciation. Soon later we made aged interviews with two one gentleman of 73 and one lady of 79 years, that had been to give complaints in the police station. Beyond the aged ones interviewed, we talk with the social assistant and we interview the commission agent, who in supplied information to them on the cases most frequent of violence against the aged one in the family. The 05 DEATI (Special Police station of attendance to the aged one) were established in day 31 of July of 2006 for associations, being it first it of the Northeast North/having it a very difficult work, therefore the majority of the cases of denounces is on account of the aggressions, and what it is worse, come of proper the familiar ones.

RESULT AND QUARREL For Sanches (2006) the violence against the aged one in the majority of the cases, seems to more occur for situations of recklessness and psychological violence: as the lack of a housing, an environment adjusted for the residence of aged and the unpreparedness, lack of cares, to take care of to its necessities and desires. The old ones are victims of some types of violence, amongst them the physics and the emotional one, another factor of great relevance is the violence of sorts, a type of violence that is having a great incidence currently. For Debert (1999), great part of the violence against the aged one occurs in cases that different generations coexist, divides space the same where they live.