Parents Demand More And More Plastic Surgery To Correct Documents In Their Children

The cause of this increase is the growing concern for aesthetics. Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery part of a pathological situation and aims to achieve normality in the patient. The most common plastic operations are those directed to repair vascular malformations, cleft lip, and hand surgery. Protruding ears, a cleft lip or a hemangioma in the face of a child are malformations or documents that can be corrected through surgery plastic or reconstructive, surgical intervention that Spanish parents are increasingly demanding. The cause of this increase is the growing concern for aesthetics. In fact, half of these operations respond to an aesthetic criterion, although with a nuance, that is normalize the aesthetics, noted Dr. Beatriz Berenguer, surgery plastic child’s Hospital Gregorio Maranon in Madrid service.

But the truth is that an intervention of this type You can change their life, according to this plastic surgeon. Greater tolerance with the documents despite the growing interest in beauty, is also true that now the children are more tolerant with the documents of others through the education of parents and teachers. Children are now more educated in tolerance to not laugh at malformations, according to psychologist Julia Vidal. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Plastic surgery aims to repair documents congenital or acquired, restore aesthetic alterations. He is to improve the way in which the abnormality may be compromised but also function. For example, if an eyelid is drooping and intervenes, improves the appearance of the same but also the vision of the eye. Plastic surgery vs. cosmetic surgery doctors insist that we must radically differentiate cosmetic surgery plastic surgery. The difference is that in the latter case the starting point is normal and about this normality, one seeks improvement, while in plastic surgery is part of a pathological situation and intends to achieve normality, pointed out the doctor. Most common operations the most common plastic operations are those related to abnormalities or pathologies of very early onset as vascular malformations (hemangiomas), cleft lip and its associated alterations and the hand surgery as the sindactilias (congenital or accidental fusion of two or more fingers together) and fingers in spring.