Instead of to require obedience, positive upbringing uses certain techniques to ensure that use of the resistance of the child to strengthen his natural will to cooperate. If you encourage will child rather than trying to break her, his willingness to cooperate increases and the resistance will be minimized. In order to overcome the resistance of the child and encourage him to cooperate, the most important thing to learn to listen and understand it. If the child resists cooperation, so he has some unfulfilled desire or need. Need to define them and to express aloud. It is necessary to identify a desire or need of the child and his resistance often disappears. Home installation of a child – the most powerful of his desire and need – to collaborate with parents, to please them and follow them.

Children have an innate need to follow the instructions parents, their greatest desire – to bring joy to their parents, their strongest desire – to work together. However, this main installation must awaken and nurture – like any other talent or ability. Instead of look for ways to manipulate children through fear and guilt, positive education focuses on how to awaken in the child's natural desire to cooperate. Children resist their parents, simply because they think if they did not see or hear. Take the time to listen to the child, far more important than time to bring it to school the football section. If the child is not allowed to resist, discontent gradually accumulated in his soul and spills at the very moment when the father or mother is already difficult.