In the United States, Center research use 81 percent of American citizens of the Internet according to the “Online health 2013” the Pew study. Berlin, July 10, 2013. After all, 72 percent of them gather regularly online on topics related to the health. The number of those increasing in Germany, get online advice on health issues. The number of users here is 60 percent. But it’s not just about information retrieval. The application possibilities in the field of online healthcare are varied. Think smart devices, which can be measured easily from anywhere from blood pressure, pulse, weight or blood sugar on mobile devices for the early detection of cancer or cardiovascular disease, or to so-called.

It has long been common, high-risk patients constantly amended to “monitor”, that even the smallest deviations can be reported and thus in time traded in the United States. Investment in E-Health companies are now the most lucrative growth areas with high yields for investors. Through investments in companies such as ( the Super Web Fund wants to contribute not only to optimize the online healthcare, but also offers investors an attractive yield opportunity. The experienced management of Super Web Fund 2.0 GmbH & co. KG seeks a doubling of investment amount. The exit phase should begin after 2 years. A fast realization is aspired.

A privileged position is given to investors. The raised capital flows first in the Maltese holding company global Internet holding Ltd. They undertook, first based on investment – provision to pay 125 percent of earned revenue to fund investors -. Depending on the date of accession, a profit bonus is granted also by up to 25 percent. Only beyond profits are shared equally between Fund subscribers and the management of the holding company. A wider dispersion in several companies can be, which optimizes the opportunity / risk ratio achieved by the position of the fund investor as a co-investor. One is generally Participation from 15,000 euros plus five percent agio possible. A total of 20 million euros to be raised until September 30, 2013. There is an option to extend until June 30, first-time payouts from the realisation of sales are 2014th from 2017 possible. The Fund is subject to the transitional rule. The worldwide integrated network is essential for the success of such investments. Sven Donhuysen belongs as Chairman to the Advisory Board of the Fund and forms the link between the management and the companies represented in the Fund. For over 15 years, he accompanied active global startups and makes them the winners of tomorrow. He is not only serial entrepreneur, but also a successful entrepreneur. Also, an expert could be won with Morten Sondergaard, who advise the Fund to the page. Since the “Beginning” of the Internet in the 1990s until today, he was involved as a founder and investor in more than 80 companies. The best-known project of Skype, he was involved as a co-investor. At whose sale to eBay for $ 2.6 billion. with his partners, he scored approximately $ 130 million. The most recent large start-up deal Tradeshift won Sondergaard DHL as a customer.