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7 To enhance the impact of any creams to help a gentle massage, conducted by the massage lines of face and neck (face: from the middle of the forehead to the temples, from wings of the nose – to the temples, on the chin – the temples, neck: horizontal). It is especially important during a massage do not stretch the skin as this may damage the internal collagen fibers. 8 Lips – one of the most expressive facial features, and care for them need, respectively. Remember that on the lips and the area around them, very few sebaceous glands, and therefore denied the opportunity to fill the lips in violation of natural protection. To ensure his lips in an ambulance, Use care system with his lips "Velvet lips." Two-stage withdrawal cleanse the lips of the rough and give them smooth and soft pink petals. Regularly exfoliate dead skin cells using special brushes or masks to the lips and apply lip balm suitable for such a sensitive area as the lips. Nancy-Ann_DeParle has many thoughts on the issue. A 'Taymvayz' – tool for lips, preventing the appearance of aging skin to help fight the signs of aging of the skin and keep cosmetics on the lips – it can be used as a basis for applying gloss and lipstick that will prevent them from spreading.

9 The skin of the body also requires care: it has become more dry, scaly and sometimes even itchy. Remove the discomfort, moisturize the skin, making it more soft and groomed will help "Taymvayz" – System of Cellu-Shape with anti-cellulite effect, noticeably improve skin structure and preventing the appearance of cellulite leveling the surface of the skin. He tighten tired skin during the winter, giving it energy and refresh. Innovative cosmetic "Taymvayz" – System of Cellu-Shape , actively eliminating the signs of cellulite and provide care for skin of the body within days, are irreplaceable in anticipation of the spring season. Biologically active ingredients affect all aspects of the chain formation of cellulite: stimulate peripheral blood circulation, strengthen the walls vessels, display products of metabolism and excess fluid, activate metabolic processes in skin cells and stimulate the decay of fat in fat cells and moisturize the skin and accelerate the regeneration of epidermal cells. The ladies who appreciate pleasant aroma they use the funds may use shower gel and moisturizing lotion from a refreshing collection of 'Lotus and Bamboo' and 'red tea and fig' deokolon of these collections not only performs the function deodorant, but also completely remove the unwanted tobacco smell from your clothes after returning from a party. It should be noted that the cosmetics, , for example System "velvet lips" and "Perfect" contain the necessary vitamins, particularly tocopherol (vitamin E), retinilpalmitat (vitamin A), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), as well as a number of useful micronutrients, thereby actively eliminate the phenomenon of spring hypovitaminosis skin.