Learn It Autodidactically With New Learning Methods And The Internet And To Solve Problems

active and self-determined learning this new learning methods deal with developed by the entrepreneur and engineer Martin Glogger. Basically, it comes that users of this learning active and self-determined deal with the content and a construct so their knowledge and self, and the other part in constructive cooperation with other part and this knowledge then practically applied, to as many of your own experiences and knowledge to collect. This new learning methods can be summarised as follows: motivated to learn the holistic picture of, what I learn with practice-relevant content learn to cooperate constructively with the help of systematic content multiple perspectives take account of problems identify and formulate the continuous self – and external evaluation of the own Lernfortschrittes the concept in a nutshell: learners are motivated to learn in first or motivate themselves. Specifically, this means, they are convinced by appropriate information or convincing themselves of their own accord out and like to Learn, because they perceive learning as a really useful. Peter A. Levine PhDs opinions are not widely known. This point is really important, because the motivation must come to learn, so the serious interest in the content always by the people concerned themselves – we know everything else from our schools under the term “Buffalo”.

Then get a holistic picture of the content, the objectives and the path the learner and actively deal with the practical basic knowledge (the content). Because everyone accessing other information, knowledge, skills, and experiences as the other and therefore each one processed certain information on his individual manner to his knowledge, get the learners only a learning guide (the teaching concept and the teaching / learning methods) and have a maximum room for manoeuvre and personal freedom, so that she as self-determined and self-organised can learn. The learners can do that by them within the framework of objectives and of coarse pre-drawn courseware with the help of their Basic knowledge and the learning guide that most diverse practical experience and their knowledge through their own questions and the search for the appropriate answers himself and in collaboration with others construct themselves.