Kolberg Guests

For vacationers, sitting in a wheelchair, it is not easy to find a sanatorium. In the ARKA medical Kolberg you are in good hands. In the ARKA medical Kolberg not only those who can move without support in the hotel is located. Also all travellers who are hindered in their mobility are invited to Poland. Unless that sit in a wheelchair, or to rely on a helper. In the ARKA medical Kolberg you has expanded the offerings and can offer a nice stay therefore guests with handicap. With the lift, they can reach easily in the different floors. You can relax on the sun loungers on the sun terrace, follow in the theater of a performance, and socialize in the game room.

Even if they can not run, even tourists with disabilities enjoy but the participation in the events in the House. Please visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn if you seek more information. Also the stylish cafe bar is worth a visit. Eaten medical Kolberg is in the ARKA in the hotel’s restaurant. The kitchen flexibly adapts to the different needs. Visitors, on dietary food instructed, be are competently advised and supervised and for this reason the House for diabetics is recommended. The bread units are calculated then at an early stage, so that also the diabetics can enjoy their stay in the ARKA medical Kolberg relaxed. On the therapeutic offerings, it attaches particular importance in the elegant Kurhaus. After the examination by the doctor is open to not only the spa guests, also the use of the fitness room is recommended.

A total of 18 medical treatments per week are at the disposal of the guests. In the cold Chamber, it helps pain rheumatism patients. The salt cave is recommended for all guests, helping but above all, patients with respiratory diseases. The salt cave reinforced the healthy climatic conditions, otherwise found in heavy surf near the sea by the cold, very salty air. The patients through the respiratory gymnastics get additional support. With proven exercises, learn to improve their breathing also in acute relapses, so that it not be unhealthy consequences. Stress-free means that especially for asthmatics also competently supervised in the ARKA medical Kolberg. With the classic massage provides you all the guests well-being and help especially those who repeatedly suffer from tension. The lymphatic drainage is one of the essential procedures and helps against painful and unsightly water retention at the limbs. The uses of the water and of course the popular mud bath is relaxing.