History orial

History orial Prensa Ib rica is one of the most important groups of regional newspapers in Spain with strong presence in nine autonomous regions. Initially devoted to publishing newspapers, Prensa Iberica has become over the years into a multimedia group with the expansion made in Internet businesses, primarily in the digital ions of their newspapers, and the proliferation of their local television stations and radio. Also noteworthy are the advances in related areas such as printing and distribution of press and book publishing. In 1978 the group began its journey with the acquisition of orial Prensa Canaria but not until 1984, after expansion to the mainland, where orial Prensa Ib rica born with that name.Since its inception the group has developed a strategy for the creation, acquisition and management of media companies with a double feature: the corporate autonomy of each company and an orial based on independence from any governmental, public or private, the close to citizens and plurality. According to the data controlled by OJD, in 2008, the spread of the daily newspaper mastheads added a total of 293,818 copies and its audience (according to the First Cumulative Field, 2009) reached 1,855,410 readers.