History of the Urals

History of the Urals unusually rich in events, myths and legends. One of them is probably the most beautiful – the legend of the narrow street. This remarkable place is located near the Nyrob. Just before him a few kilometers should collapse right (just before the river Lyunvoy) and drive about three miles on a dirt road. Between two hills, on a large meadow is a shield, which informs that you are on a protected natural and historic territory "Iskorskoe mound.

To get on the narrow street, you must turn right, and, after just two hundred meters through the forest, you'll see one of the wonders of the Ural nature. This availability of this unique object of the Ural Nature makes a narrow street ideal for weekend tours. At the top of the rock, whose form in front of you will lead two parallel fissures. Width of one reaches a few meters, and another – hardly fifty centimeters. This is a large and narrow streets, respectively. The most notable narrow street – it has a length of 40 m and form (of course, very relative) resembles a ladder to the very top of the mountain. There is a tradition that, climbing on it, a man cleansed of all sins.

If, however, from an information sheet you will notice your eyes to the left, you'll see another small hill, very steep and vertical walls. Beating her, and, rising on a single gentle slope, you will see a white chapel. It was built in 1891 instead of wood.