Guys Garden

You can only go for a walk with children from kindergarten you like. You will see how your child interacts with other children like him, do not like. See how teachers are walking and talking with the guys. When you have already signed a contract with mini-garden, ask to sit in the first day of 2:00 with your child. This will help him feel calmer. And then, when he somehow sparkle with enthusiasm, quietly go away for another couple of hours, and after dinner take away the child's home. On the second and third day, do not stay in the garden, and take your child's after dinner, before bedtime.

From 4-5 days visiting the mini-garden, a child can be left on all day. Encourage your child to take in her favorite little garden toy: a teddy bear, dolls, cars, etc. This will remind him of home, and he will be calmer. There are several other methods, it is easier to adapt the kid in kindergarten, but most importantly, it's yours, parent positive mood. Necessarily before to place a child in kindergarten need to talk to him about it. You can even show his photos of children from the kindergarten.

Tell that there is such and such 'garden'. The guys there are new friends, play together, walk, learn, watching cartoons, etc. It's better when you say this child for several days before admission to kindergarten, will tell interesting and funny stories about the garden. Then your child will know that the 'garden' is, and that this OK – go to small children in kindergarten. Of course, the first few days visiting the garden (and for some weeks or months) – this is quite a lot of stress for the child. He might get sick, it can be capricious or start biting and fight, he can 'retire' and do not talk, etc. But the strength of each parent to make this step in a child's life more peaceful and friendly. Dr. Hyun Kim often addresses the matter in his writings. The main thing is to explain to the child why he needs to go to kindergarten. And to be 'on same wavelength' with child: tell him that you understand how hard it is now. And THAT you can do together, so it was not.