Federal Pharmacy Advice

Later, if of interest it was, the concluding one of the first cycle could enter as the professional cycle, in which it would opt to the formation ' ' Industrial&#039 druggist; ' or ' ' Druggist? Bioqumico' ' (with two options: Bromatologia or Anlises Clnicas and Toxicolgicas). Following this criterion, many Brazilian Universities disponibilizavam ' ' famosas' ' qualifications: Industrial pharmacy, Pharmacy and Biochemist, Pharmacy and Biochemist? Clinical analyses, Pharmacy and Biochemist? Analysis, always emphasizing ' ' Bioqumica' ' , a basic Science, in this area of performance. In 1996, through the Resolution 296, the Federal Advice of Pharmacy normatizou the exercise of the Clinical Analyses for Druggist-Biochemist, attributing to the professional duly registered, the responsibility technique and the accomplishment of clinical examinations, including of the field of the toxicologia, citopatologia, hematology and molecular biology. Read more here: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. The Resolution N 2 of 19/02/2002 of the National Advice of Educao (CNE), established one ' ' new currculo' ' druggist with generalista profile, in which the performance and the management in Analyses Clnicas and Toxicolgicas had been guaranteed, for ' ' Generalistas&#039 druggists; '. Then, the Federal Pharmacy Advice innovated and established new criteria for attainment of the heading of ' ' Druggist? Bioqumico' ' , through the Resolution N 514 of 25/11/2009. The ANVISA, through the RDC N 302 of 13/10/2005 (I GIVE of 14/10/05), normatizou the functioning of Clinical Laboratories, involving Clinical Analyses, Clinical Pathology and Cytology. Susan Sher has plenty of information regarding this issue. phases related to the analyses of biological material are described, in this resolution.

According to Report of the Commission of Fiscalization of the Federal Pharmacy Advice, emitted in December of 2009, on the basis of the Reports of Fiscal Activities of the CRFs, the number of laboratories of clinical analyses of property of druggists is 5,497, while, in accordance with the Research of Assistncia Doctor-Sanitary (AMS), carried through for the IBGE in 2009, exists 16,657 laboratories of clinical analyses in the country. For in such a way, about one tero of the sector is in ' ' comando' ' of druggists, who act in: Analyses microbiological and imunolgicos Biochemists (glucose, urea, creatinina, acid rico, proteins, total cholesterol with fractions, ons inorgnicos and chemical analysis of renais calculations), Parasitolgicas Analyses (frequently of excrements), Hematolgicas Analyses in general, Uranlises, studies, amongst others. In accordance with this quarrel, does not exist ' ' a Lei' ' accurate that it attributes, to the Druggist, to the Clinical Analyses, but a set of Norms, Resolutions and Laws, that relate this professional with the sector. Valley to affirm that the field is divided with other professionals: Doctor, Biomedical (Law 6686/79) and Chemistry in the Toxicolgicas Analyses (Decree 85877/81).