Endometriosis Endometriosis (not to be confused with endometritis – inflammation of the lining of the uterus) – a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus – the endometrium, is found outside its usual location and functions like a normal endometrium. In the days of menstruation, for example, it highlights the blood and mucus. This tissue can grow in the thick muscle of the uterus, on its surface, the fallopian tubes, ovary, rectum, bladder, and even in the lungs! In finding the tissue in the ovary can form tumor-like formation – the so-called endometrioid, or "chocolate", "cyst. His second name, they received because they contain old blood is dark brown, resembling the color of chocolate. And if the fabric into the lungs, during menstruation may hemoptysis. What is the cause of family – grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter.

Known for certain that one of the starting points for endometriosis is an abortion. After all, for the female organism is very great stress – the physical as well as injured tissue, and psychological, and hormonal. This entails an endocrine disruption and deterioration of the immune system. And for the development of endometriosis is a very fertile soil. Practice shows that endometriosis affects women who often find themselves in stressful situations at work. Negative contribution to the development of endometriosis and is making a bad environmental situation.

It is proved that the high content of dioxin in the air – Compounds included in the composition of the waste industry, may provoke the development of endometriosis in young women. The main role in the dissemination of endometrial tissue in the body belongs to the menstrual blood, which comes from the uterus through the tubes into the peritoneal cavity. With this blood cells are brought back in the endometrium, which while reducing the body's defenses get accustomed to the surface of the internal genital and neighboring occurs at the age of 50 years, and in this case, it is often associated with uterine myoma. With the expiring of menstrual endometrial tissue undergoes idnaya-reversed, and after the cessation of menstruation, the disease occurs symptoms of endometriosis are pain in the abdomen during menstruation, who are often just too much to bear. They appear, usually 1-2 days before menses and subside after their discontinuation. With widespread endometriosis pain does not stop even after menses, aggravated by sexual intercourse. It is very characteristic that give pain in the lower back and rectum. Woman suffers from endometriosis long and heavy menstruation, are often spotting in intermenstrual period. What are the implications for endometriosis? Even mild endometriosis expressed – the so-called small form – can prevent a pregnancy, causing persistent infertility, despite the fact that the tubes maintain their patency, and the ovaries – their function. With the defeat of endometriosis rectal pain and observed secretion of mucus and blood from the rectum, and sometimes may arise bowel obstruction. With the defeat of the bladder urination disorders appear, sometimes there is blood in the urine. And, as already mentioned, in lung disease – coughing up blood during menstruation. consider the outer and inner surfaces of the uterus and appendages and detect even small foci of endometriosis. In addition, it is possible to test for tumor markers tumor – to make this a special blood test. Based on materials