Diabetes Insulin

Insufficient amount of insulin in the pancreas leads to endocrine disease – diabetes. Significant signs of diabetes may be weakness, dry mouth, mucous membranes and skin, therefore, constant thirst, frequent urination, loss or weight gain. People with diabetes may have impaired blood circulation in the lower extremities, and this can lead to gangrene. There is a possibility of kidney failure and vision loss. There are two types of diabetes: insulin-dependent and insulin. It is known that insulin-dependent diabetes may occur when genetic predisposition and at a young age. Of insulin dependent diabetes varieties people suffer more than adults between the ages of forty and older, mostly female. The important role played by hereditary factors.

The emergence of This type of diabetes should prepare for sedentary lifestyle, hereditary predisposition, with overeating carbohydrate foods and obesity. Compensated, decompensated and subcompensated – three species severity of diabetes. That differences in sugar and lesions of the internal organs are indicative of the degree of disease. But diabetes is not a sentence. To accurately measure blood sugar every need some separate unit that shows even a slight change. Significant role played by diet, little exercise, to monitor the weight of his body and, of course, the use of the desired amount of vitamins. With constant visits to physician specialists and compliance with his advice can lead very normal and healthy life.