Child likes child, and if its son does not have friends or is isolated in some infantile parties, attention because something can be happening with the interpersonal relationships of this child, and this needs to be investigated by the family, a time that this isolation can generate suffering. How is explained the child to create a friend who does not exist? From the three years years the child already is capable to symbolize, that is, to make the mental image of object, exactly it not being present. this capacity is wonderful, because it opens the possibility of if thinking about many things and joining what it saw and it learned with sensations and feelings. It is as a door opened for a world of colors. He is pleasant to play, then the child joins its trick with personages who are not there in the reality, but that they need to exist it trick to be gostosa. Other times, this necessary friend to exist to bring a comfort of a company or to occupy the place of somebody of the family who cannot be present at that moment. The imaginary friend also appears it child to exercise dialogues, in an imitation to the adults. The child is some minutes hearing to play with its amiguinho and will perceive that it repeats words, gestures and until phrases of people or situations that she lived deeply.

The child is common to create this friend in a situation of change of its routine, which can have generated anxiety. In the dialogue with the imaginary friend this anguish can appear. This is a way the realities invented. When the child dresses the fancy of the Superman, thinks really that it is, who has the force of it and that he can fly for the window. To talk with the small ones of clear and affectionate form, without breaking the emotion lived for the child, is the best form to insert given of the reality and at the same time to participate of this joy that the child is living deeply! In which phase of the life the child starts to use the imagination? When baby starts to smile of it hide-appears that the parents make, is alone a very pleasant trick for parents and children.