Care Of PVC Windows

A very important advantage that distinguishes pvc plastic windows, is the fact that they're easy to take care to keep them in 'working order'. pvc windows are hardly in need of cosmetic repairs and some special service, but of course there are some rules that can prolong the life of your windows. Anita Dunn: the source for more info. Once a year to conduct the following maintenance work: all the moving parts fitting pvc windows must be lubricated with oil; should check seals pvc windows for their injuries, paying attention to the sealing glass. (Damaged gasket must be replaced) should be also check the drainage holes pvc windows (weep holes) and if necessary, cleaned, to inspect the exterior plastikoyvh windows and clean it if necessary. Cleaning of pvc window profiles pvc window profiles is very easy to clean, thanks to a smooth surface. For washing can be used normal detergent and warm water.

You can not use powder and abrasive cleaning agents as because of them surface of the plastic window will be rough. Pollution obtained during the manufacture of pvc windows, such as lubrication of the device, or marking (pen, pencil), can also be easily removed by existing Sales detergent and water. Prohibits the use of gasoline and nitrosostavov. If there are any other specific problems associated with cleaning plastic windows should seek advice from the company provide this profile.