Callao Hotel Reservation

Callao hotels booking and knows the attractions of the El Callao port is a major province in the capital of Peru. Here is the most important port in the country apart from other tourist attractions that are worth visiting. Coincidentally the biggest and most important Peruvian airport is also located in Callao, Jorge Chavez. Therefore, you don’t need to make long journey to reach its tourist area and reserve economic Callao hotels. If you want to know more about this destination in Peru, don’t forget to read the articles by Sara Martinez. She travels the world in search of interesting places. The Callao this consists of five districts and are characterised by its proximity to the sea.

Bellavista, La Perla, La Punta, Carmen de la Legua and window are the districts that comprise it. Thanks to the International Airport Jorge Chavez increasingly more people visit the Callao for being the point of entry and departure from the country. That is why Callao hotels have increasingly greater demand by tourists who tread first Peruvian soil. Without a doubt the Real Felipe fortress is the most visited tourist spot of Callao. This fortress was the bastion of resistance in the remembered battle of May 2, 1866.

Currently the Real Felipe is like a giant Museum that receives visitors from everywhere in Peru and abroad. Callao is also known for its islands, these are San Lorenzo, El Fronton and Palomino. You can find some cruise that visits by the surroundings. On these trips, you’ll see numerous birds as well as the typical sea lions. District of the tip is the one closest to the Islands, here can find this type of service as well as Callao hotels of good service. Chucuito, DVDs and Arenillas, its busiest beaches are characterized by Rocky. If you like culture you should visit the Naval Museum. This museum houses important relics of the past and even some documents of the maximum Hero Naval del Peru, Miguel Grau. The Leoncio Prado Military Academy is also part of the history of the Callao, has a small museum which can be visited daily. Reserve Callao hotels and discover this beautiful province. Archaeological tourism is also found in Callao, El Paraiso archaeological complex and archaeological site of Oquendo are the best-known. As you can see you have many to visit here, Callao hotel reservation. If you want a few days of sunshine in the North a Hotel Zorritos is the solution.