Reabel method, beauty with medical base of the Dr. Muddy Mariela The aging is the set of morphologic and physiological modifications that are as a result of the action of the time. The passage of the years leaves its track in all the beings, animated or no. In the case of the alive beings this one is demonstrated through changes concerning molecules, cells, organs and of the organism in himself. In the man these changes are partly silentes and involve a gradual diminution of the capacities of the individual. The aging is, therefore, universal, irreversible, heterogenous, individual and intrinsic a process vital. The extension of the life expectancies of the population can consider a success of the socioeconomic development and the policies of public health.

When improving the standard of life, as a result of the social and sanitary progress, the proportion of elderly people increases, constituting simultaneously a challenge for the society, since this one must be adapted to the condition mental physics and of its members, in order to promote to the maximum the autonomy and the physical and emotional well-being of the people majors. With a view to knowing and including better the process of aging of the human being, sciences of the health have abierto two great lines of investigation, within the genetics and Biology. As a result of it, the numerous scientists are shortage genes that influence in the aging process and have observed like the activation or decontamination of some of these genes influences directly in the speed with which an individual ages. Also they have identified the part, within each one of the genes, that are responsible to protect the genetic information (ADN) and their relation with the cellular death, reason why a strong scientific evidence of the existence of a genetic control of the aging process exists, as much at cellular level as of the organism in its totality.