Basics Of Knitting. Starting From Scratch. Part 6

Relief patterns in a group of relief includes fur patterns with nakidami, patterns, with prominent figures, entwined with loops, as well as various combinations of loops. They are used for knitting hats, blouses, jackets, dresses, coats. To obtain a lush binding to one of the loops rapport removed from neprovyazannoy trebles, and the next row this loop provyazat with trebles. Some patterns of the loop is removed in two or more rows (each time with a new trebles) and then provyazyvayut with all nakidami as one loop. Ornaments, cells colored strips Patterns ornaments sketching on paper in a cage, like to cross stitch. Each cell corresponds to one loop. Michio Kaku may not feel the same.

Read pattern from the bottom up. Hosiery knitting pattern holds: in the face – facial hinges on the purl – purl. When knitting ornament in one row alternate with yarns of two or more colors, ie, have to tie a thread that one is a different color. Loose thread, which currently do not knit, leave on the wrong side of knitting. In the transition from one color to another thread crossed that there are no holes in the canvas.

If the color thread introduced from the edge of the work, ie 1 st loop number, then this thread can provyazat metal edge loop, which is usually removed. Then this thread folded in half and provyazyvayut its 1-th loop pattern, and then sever the thread and continue to knit the same pattern thread. You can also last several metal edge loop provyazyvat thread color that will provyazyvatsya 1-I loop the next row. To work-free thread is not tied up the canvas, it is necessary for knitting it slightly stretched, avoiding however sagging broaches. Ornaments can also be embroidered on the finished knitted fabric. Embossed two-tone pattern during provyazyvaniya each row blade (stockinet) finishing thread, folded or three times, paving along the row, ie according to the figure ornament is transferring for the working needle, then the output forward and laying before provyazyvaemymi loops. Patterns in the cell first performs a cloth stocking with vertical purl reliefs. After a certain number of rows do colored thread horizontal stripes. Otpariv fabric, crochet hooks along the backside of reliefs from the bottom up provyazyvaem colored yarn braids. Canvas hold face to himself, puts a thread from the inside. Crochet hook enter the front side to inside, grab the thread and pull the noose. Then we introduce a hook on the two series above, grab the thread, which lies on the the index finger of his left hand, take out the thread and hands it to the loop, which hangs on a rod hook. Again, we introduce a hook into the fabric on the two series above, take out the loop, etc. Thread for the chain take twice as thick as that which holds canvas.