ad Medicine

Thanks to the use of ultra modern technology, ad Medicine for the first time managed to create dietary supplements pharmacopoeia quality, with fast and accurate therapeutic action that can be extremely effective in correcting health under virtually all pathological conditions. The Company applies advanced technologies to maintain bioactive components up to 98% of the natural biological activity. For a full, guaranteed nutrient absorption by cells of the organism is imperative that all bioactive components: – retain their unique natural property – maintained, restored and usilivalidrug friend – the most assimilated by cells of the body. 1. Each particle of medicinal plants in colloidal fitoformulah recreated and saved the electromagnetic field and charge of kinetic energy, the identity natural biomagnetic field of live plants, 2. In their physical properties similar to colloid body fluids (lymph, blood, intracellular and intercellular fluid), which accelerates and facilitates the uptake by cells of the body healing bioactive components. 3.

Low-temperature technology retain all biological connection alive and active. 4. Water used in the manufacture of colloidal fitoformul like melted ice water, 5. Each particle is a biologically active herbs crushed to a size easily penetrate into the cell body. 6. All components in the formula are lined up in such a way to support and reinforce each other. That is how they are combined in each medicinal plants. 7.

Formulation, dosage, combination of colloidal fitoformul specially adapted to Russian conditions (diet, features of ecology), thus enhancing a positive effect. 8. Due to high (up to 98%) digestibility of colloidal particles by cells of the body, managed repeatedly to reduce the dosage of each component, and as a result increase their total number.