Monthly Archives: July 2016

How To Choose A Water Filter

Water – the most important source of human life. But at the same time, water, oddly enough, is also a major cause of morbidity. Consequences of drinking contaminated water can occur both immediately and a few years in the form of severe disease. And it is not surprising that the improper use of water quality […]

Unconscious Humanity

Ramon Gallegos has made me aware of the times we live, which is characterized by an unconscious humanity that causes harm to herself and the nature that provides a livelihood as a result of a reductionist Education practiced around the world and a humanity that is far to realize that of his time on earth […]

Dental Clinic

By all this, the system Carrire LX is most recent, most advanced and simplest of brackets autoligables appeared in the world of the apparatuses of ortodoncia for children and adults. The DENTAL CLINIC DR. CARLOS I SLIDE, from its beginnings it has been distinguished for being a pioneering center in the implementation and new techniques […]

Week Of The Donor

From 21 to 26 September is celebrated in Peru the week of the donor, in order to sensitize public opinion on this ignored issue of donation and this reminds me of a night of October 2008, when dying and evicted it only expected to die, clung to a rosary only waiting for a miracle, a […]