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Article School

Although Article 6, of LDB, informs in them that it is to have of the responsible parents or to effect the school registration of the minors, from the seven years of age, in basic education, however, these do not assume the responsibility alone. They can count on the contribution of the school, of the faculty. […]

Ritalina Medicine

The author approaches thematic of the indiscriminate use of the Ritalina medicine in children and the adolescents who are diagnosised with DDA/H, from the stories of the family who brings as complaint behaviors of carelessness and inquietude inside of the classroom. It raises questioning on the real necessity of this legalized drug and on the […]

Guys Garden

You can only go for a walk with children from kindergarten you like. You will see how your child interacts with other children like him, do not like. See how teachers are walking and talking with the guys. When you have already signed a contract with mini-garden, ask to sit in the first day of […]

Ambient Education

The prxis of Pablo Freire identify two dimensions (action and reflection), that they are analogous to the two spheres of the development (necessity and limitation). Sato (2003) When Pablo Freire wrote on the liberating pedagogia and humanist, was if relating the education holistic, where automatically, I included the ambient one. Thus being, if really an […]


It turned out that everyday life brings to us a little of positive emotions. It's true – the daily routine to no good does not. With each passing day sinking mood, or just hanging out at the level of 'normal'. With this approach, the person quickly becomes dull mediocrity. And you want to live, enjoy, […]


Child likes child, and if its son does not have friends or is isolated in some infantile parties, attention because something can be happening with the interpersonal relationships of this child, and this needs to be investigated by the family, a time that this isolation can generate suffering. How is explained the child to create […]