Monthly Archives: March 2016

KPSI Resistance

Corresponds to a type of cast iron in which carbon content in the matrix is shaped ferrifica areas, this significantly modifies the mechanical properties, especially those that are contested in the cast iron as machinability, impact resistance and ductiilidad. This condition is achieved by spherical inclusion of small amounts of magnesium or cerium, this inclusion […]

Maintain Air Conditioning

For that to understand that the air conditioner, the most in need of care, we explain its design: The design, the most common, at the moment, the air conditioner – split system consists of two blocks – the external and Internal. Swarmed by offers, cardiologist is currently assessing future choices. The external unit includes a […]

Nobel Peace Prize

In addition, whether in South America removed the gender inequalities in the labour market, the national product would increase by more than 5%. Women have become the engine of development and progress. They are the key to change for many impoverished countries. In the hands of women is feeding and educating their children. A woman […]


Millions of people are affected by acne around the world, as many as the number of skin care products, check that they there are in the market for the treatment of grain. Many over-the-counter products, recommended to treat acne, contain chemicals, which can cause damage to the skin and can only be a temporary remedy. […]


Enormous amount of energy spent on it to prevent fakady created from destruction. Although the rejection of their own vulnerability may have been adapted in order that he may perform the work that men have to perform in our society, it the rejection of vulnerability is keeping them in isolation. In order to move forward […]