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This necrosis and/or tecidual isquemia, are presented in characteristic points of pressure for the drawn out corporal positioning, of which they show to the figures and the B. According to ROCK, 2006, the localizations most frequent are: isquitica (24%), sacrococcgea (23%), trocantrica (15%), and calcnea 8 (%). Other localizations include malolos lateral (7%), elbows (3%), […]

Womens Attractiveness

After people have taken the path of rapid development, the women realized that would not mind to be beautiful. From the old times by any means, using a variety of means, the women tried to make the girl's beauty was noticeable. And these girls, who could not boast attractive, tried every way to get this […]

Positive Energy

Not every person can directly reply to a question about whether he believes in the magic powers of healers. However, the reality is that almost any of us at least once in your life, even if just mentally, pinned their hopes on some supernatural force. After all, no wonder most people who find themselves in […]