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A Diet That Fits You

When we modify diet and lifestyle, far from limiting, allows us to bring new habits that will feel better mism @ s. Beyond diet and lifestyle that you wear, there are some points to consider to have and maintain a body “to your measure.” 1. Look to have realistic goals about “perfect measures” and focus […]


all this disequilibrium cause food lack, extinguishing and many illnesses, without speaking well in the main one for our survival, drinking waters. For the palestrante, all these ambient impacts arrive at this serve as apprentice, mainly due the lack of commitment and interest of the governing. Although already to know all these problems, it really […]


The conflict between the religion and science is as old as the same time, and even in our modern society dominated by the search of the tolerance and the progression, the battle follows without truce, and even complicando itself with the recent growth of the popularity of another old phenomenon: the superstition. The skepticism dominates […]

Industrial Revolution

This fixed or located constant capital arrives, by the way, to all part supported for the expansion of the net of set of wheels and railroads that go to assure a circulation faster relatively cheaper, without which the supplying of the cities if would become impossible. The fact from that the energy if carries in […]

Terminal Patient Care

Raimunda Da Silva Renato Saints de Souza Saints Ana Claude Saints Hisses SUMMARY This study objectified to understand the strategies developed for the nurse who acts in the cares to the patient terminals, domiciliates in it, having as base the bibliographical research of exploratrio character of the descriptive type. One notices that the care the […]

The Psychologist

In certain occasions a very particular patient can arrive at divn of the psychologist. Learn more about this with Health Care Reform. This patient does not suffer of psychological or psychiatric upheavals, nor either tries to recover of addictions, phobias or attacks of panic. This so particular patient is the one that suffers of acufenos. […]


Then, when you can buy anything your heart desires, you begin to appreciate less, what to buy. Periodically taken at all without any need for it. The same is true of information products. A large proportion of courses and exercises aspiring to keep their body in good shape and good form are taken from the […]


Nowadays the vegetarianism is a custom more and more extended. I am certainly we thought if it to each of us leaves a well-known friend to us/who is vegetarian. Before this was very rare to see that in Spain at the moment but extending. If it does 10 or 15 years somebody it slowly said […]

ad Medicine

Thanks to the use of ultra modern technology, ad Medicine for the first time managed to create dietary supplements pharmacopoeia quality, with fast and accurate therapeutic action that can be extremely effective in correcting health under virtually all pathological conditions. The Company applies advanced technologies to maintain bioactive components up to 98% of the natural […]

Aromatic Advice

To seed a small orchard with aromatic plants for our daily consumption is very easy and rewarding. The ideal time for it is the spring, but still you are in time with the parsley, the coriander or the small onion that occur all the year. It prepares a suitable container and it thinks you are […]