Monthly Archives: July 2014

Clinic Laser Dentistry

The secret of this performance – a combination of bleaching properties of the laser and atomic oxygen – the active current component of the gel, which is used to procedure. During the session of whitening dentist puts on the tooth surface (or more often – it's "smile zone", ie incisors, canines and premolars) is a […]

Lose Kilos Fast

For that they estan thinking about losing kilos fast, often they think about counting calories, controlling carbohydrates and the regulation of the fat ingestion. In many cases, nevertheless, people neglect the value of the water. An suitable level of hydration is a crucial element of any plan of diet, therefore, it begins to drink water […]


We can not imagine life without perfume – deodorants, perfumes, toilet waters and eau de cologne. We are constantly surrounded by the smells, when we clean orange or tear away the grass, the smell of ozone after a rain, and many other pleasant perfume scents are all around us every day. Man has learned to […]

Fertility Issues

Many of the cases that have to do with not being able to get pregnant is because women suffer from irregular period making it difficult to know in days is really fertile for to try to get pregnant. Not having a period or fixed rule and be spotty absolutely moves throughout the month, the point […]